Wednesday, September 21, 2005

28 June watering,deaheading, weeding, picking strawberries, raspberries, cherries, peas

Things have gotten away from me in the garden. They tend to around this time of year. I have started some bean and lettuce and broccoli seed for the fall garden.
We got a soaking rain yesterday. The dog days are early, the cats are rags on the ground in the shade. We are still eating lettuce, but it is rapidly going to seed, must start more.
It seems like there is not an inch anywhere to start anything. But there are weeds. Also I will soon pull spent lettuce. The trick will be to start new far enough from the roots of the old so the new won't get pulled with the old. Or cut the old off at the roots so as not to disturb tender plants. I have to grow lettuce in stacked pots, GH would eat lettuce in a minute if they could. Fortunately GH doesn't come up by the house.
My neighbor, the farmer has neat rows of beans and corn and squash, beets and tomaotes. The GH frames came off earlier, but I notice they have been laid back on. His backyard farm is a sight to behold, very beautiful and productive. On the other side of us, the smell of granulated lawn chemicals wafts over. I try to stay away from them. Coincidence that I usually have health issue this time of year? I think not.
I'm looking at bags for the possibility they might become hanging gardens. Then they could compliment the stacked pots. You can't let these things dry out, watering is a constant job when the mercury rises above 90 degrees. You can see things respirotranspire in the heat. Trees and woods look positively hazy on Ozone action days.


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