Saturday, June 11, 2005

11June2005 Rain, Desert Style planters

I got out some seeds. Soaked Parsley and Bush beans and Sweet Pea and Squash. It all started this morning when I finished the cereal. This particular cereal comes in a plastic bag of substance. I hate throwing these things away. Since I got up early and mowed the lawn, I found the chair in the shade mighty comfortable long about noon. This is dangerous for me, as I usually let my mind wander under these circumstances. It has been so hot, like July dog days.
I left that empty bag on the breakfast table and it must have been sitting heavy on my mind. So I got out some twine and rigged it up, put soil in it making a hanging planter to grow some bush beans. The stacked pots full of Kale and Tomatoes are working so well, and the ground is so dry with the heat, and no rain, and no snow pac this spring, that I figure I may as well hedge my bets and have some desert style planters I can water easily in case everything else dries up.
Then it rained.
I have some flats full of sunflower seeds that number two son sprouted to make sunflower seed milk, but he let them get too big, so he gave them to me to put in flats for sunflower sprouts. Sunflower sprouts are very goodfor the vision. Unfortunately these sprouts are too big for that too, so I called Cindy from church who has been trying to interest me in the big empty spot in her yard they had to have dug for repairs. I haven't been much help to her, but she thinks maybe she'd take the sunflowers. I think that is a good choice this time of year. In the fall, she can put in perennials, or something, but this time of year, sunflowers will be obliging and fool proof and the neighbors won't complain about them. They might even admire them.
Maybe I will put some in at the church too.


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